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One of the most important images of the fall of communism in the 1980s was the destruction of the Berlin WallIn the Muslim religion, it is forbidden to make any images of God, so mosques are decorated with quotes from the Koran rather than pictures of religious figures.

One of the most important images of the fall of communism in the 1980s was the destruction of the Berlin Wall.

Terrence does not project the kind of image we want associated with this company, and he must be replaced.

Though his party is unpopular, the governor has managed to maintain a positive image among voters.

Many people object to the sexist images of women which appear all too often in the media.

Many of the images in the movie were created on computers.

According to the Christian Bible, God made man in his own image.

George Bernard Shaw once said that the only service a friend can really render is to keep up your courage by holding up to you a mirror in which you can see a noble image of yourself.

The portrait in ancient Rome had a twofold function: it both preserved the person's image and contributed to the history of the family.

The cathedral at Chartres is full of female imagery connected with the Virgin Mary.

The images of the two hijacked jetliners crashing into the World Trade Center in New York will remain in the minds of those who have seen them forever.

On the stone temples of Madura in southern India, there are more than 30 million carved images of gods and goddesses.

In 1977, the Voyager spacecraft photographed the first images of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Following the Reformation in Europe, there began a progressive decline in Christian imagery in Protestant churches.

Some of the most original and puzzling imagery in Western Art was produced by Hieronymus Bosch.

The images on a computer screen are made up of more than 5,000 pixels, or dots, per square inch.

Forming mental images of new vocabulary is a valuable aid in learning a second language.

The images of cars and driving which we see in the media don't generally promote safe driving.

NASA's twin Voyager spacecraft have been taking never-before-seen images of the outer planets.

The public relations department is responsible for projecting the right image of our corporation.

In the Middle Ages, art generally consisted of religious imagery.

Discussion question: What image did you have of this country before coming here? What image do you think other people have of your culture?

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