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My neighbor lost his driver's license after he was stopped by police, and charged with impaired drivingDrinking alcohol impairs one's ability to drive a car safely.

My neighbor lost his driver's license after he was stopped by police, and charged with impaired driving.

My father's hearing was impaired by the noise of working on naval ships all his life.

My brother can't get a driver's license because of his visual impairment.

The old woman's ability to move about has been seriously impaired by arthritis.

His ability to make a fair judgment is impaired by his close personal relationship with the defendant.

Italian philosopher Leon Battisti Alberti described beauty as the adjustment of all parts proportionately so that one cannot add or subtract or change without impairing the harmony of the whole.

There is a Latin proverb which states that many promises impair confidence.

The Supreme Court stated that society's myths and fears about disability and disease are as handicapping as are the physical limitations that flow from actual impairment.

Continued use of antibiotics can result in an impaired immunity to disease.

Recent research has shown that certain hormones which are present in plastics, and which come in contact with food, can actually impair sperm production in men who eat such food.

Rock star Pete Townsend's hearing has been seriously impaired by the loud music he plays at his concerts.

A driver who is impaired by drugs or alcohol is one of the worst driving hazards.

Even a mild illness like a cold or the flu can impair one's alertness.

In our province, 30 percent of all traffic deaths involve impaired driving.

A camel can lose up to a quarter of its body weight without impairing its normal functions.

Recent research has shown that many nights of little sleep, fewer than six hours a night, can impair mental performance as much as not sleeping for two nights in a row.

Psychologists will diagnose an anxiety disorder when levels of worry become so extreme that the person's behavior is impaired.

All babies show virtually the same facial expressions, including those born blind or even hearing impaired and blind.

Korea's education system includes twelve schools for students with visual impairments.

Discussion question: What penalties do you think people should receive for impaired driving?

Find someone who has driven a car while impaired.

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