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The President himself has been implicated in a scheme to buy votes in the upcoming electionThe decline in the number of cod found in the waters off Newfoundland has serious implications for the fishing industry in that province.

The President himself has been implicated in a scheme to buy votes in the upcoming election.

Roger implicated a number of his business associates during his trial for fraud.

The decision of the international trade commission has serious implications for the domestic farming industry.

The leader of the armed forces has been implicated in the attempted coup.

Clear evidence has now been found implicating the military in the disappearance of political dissidents.

The implications of the latest poll are clear for the government; it cannot win the next election unless it chooses a new leader.

Pavlov became famous for his studies on the conditioned reflex in dogs, and its implications on human learning.

If computer hackers are able to get into almost any system, the implications for national security are horrifying.

With more and more people in Mainland China getting access to the Internet, the implications for on-line marketing to the world's largest consumer group are simply incredible.

Stories with unhappy endings teach us more about the world as we search for the implications of what has occurred.

Prince Bernhard, husband of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, was once implicated in a business scandal, and had to retire from public life as a result.

President Richard Nixon resigned from office after he became implicated in an attempt to cover up the political scandal known as Watergate.

The similarities that exist between living things at all levels have certain implications.

Stress has been implicated in a wide variety of illnesses.

No evidence whatsoever has been found to implicate him in the murder.

She didn't deny that she was getting a divorce, but the implication was certainly there.

Matthew Fox has noted that instantaneous global communication has profound political and religious implications.

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