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Example Sentences for "indicate"

The low number of people attending the lecture is a clear indication of lack of interest in the topicYour continued lateness for class indicates to me that you are not really a very serious student.

The low number of people attending the lecture is a clear indication of lack of interest in the topic.

Harrison indicated to me that he would be interested in working with us on the project if we need any help.

The most recent survey indicates a high level of dissatisfaction with the current government.

A sudden withdrawal from social situations can be an indication of depression.

Physical health is sometimes indicative of one's mental state.

He indicated the map on the wall and asked the students to show him where they were from.

One important indicator of quality of life is the proportion of income one has to spend in order to buy food.

Actress Lauren Bacall once observed that wrinkles should only indicate where smiles have been.

Estimates indicate that a 15-year-old tuna has travelled one million miles in its lifetime.

Evidence indicates that cucumbers have been cultivated in western Asia for about 3,000 years.

Some astronomers believe Pluto's strange orbit indicates that it wasn't one of the original planets at all, but rather a moon of Neptune that somehow broke loose.

Whenever there's a possibility that a bone may be broken, x-rays are indicated.

A smile in Indonesian culture does not always indicate happiness.

Thurgood Marshall once suggested that jurors who are opposed to capital punishment are more likely to believe that a defendant's failure to testify is indicative of his guilt.

Both weddings and funerals are important indicators of status in Hong Kong.

In 1996, data sent back by the Galileo space probe indicated that there may be water on one of Jupiter's moons.

The size of your computer screen indicates the diagonal distance from one corner to another.

Interest in the planet Mars has greatly increased since indications of water raised the possibility that life in some form may have evolved there.

Research into nearly every culture in the world seems to indicate that men are more likely than women to pursue short-term sexual strategies.

Prices of locally-produced goods are a good indicator of the health of the region's economy.

The idiot turned left without putting on his indicator.

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