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The instant replay became a standard technique on television beginning in 1964She was too lazy to make herself a sandwich and salad, and decided to just have some instant soup.

The instant replay became a standard technique on television beginning in 1964.

The television became an instant success when it started in 1990.

When I saw my aunt, for an instant I thought it was my mother because they look very much alike.

At the very instant you phoned, I was thinking about you.

My girlfriend's parents seemed to take an instant dislike to me the first time I met them, and nothing I do can change that.

We bought some instant soup to take camping.

She refuses to drink instant coffee. She says it doesn't taste like real coffee.

Please phone me the instant you get home.

He was killed instantaneously when he broke his neck in a car accident.

Beginners use a special parachute which opens almost instantaneously after they jump out of the airplane.

Computer programs can give instant feedback to students as to whether their answers are right or wrong.

She hesitated only for an instant before beginning to sing.

You can get instant access to your bank account over the Internet.

World chess champion Gary Kasparov was recently beaten by a machine which was able to compute its moves almost instantly.

My brother's friend crashed his car while driving home from a party, and was killed instantly.

Quentin Tarentino has redefined the kung fu movie genre with his instant classic, Kill Bill.

He flopped down on the bed, and fell asleep almost instantly.

Bert Williams once noted that books had instant replay long before televised sports.

Find someone who often drinks instant coffee.

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