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Scientists have found the skeleton of a small dinosaur which is almost completely intact in the ice on the mountainThe old castle was still intact after over 1000 years.

Scientists have found the skeleton of a small dinosaur which is almost completely intact in the ice on the mountain.

The old temple has survived the earthquake intact, with very little visible damage.

The largely intact tomb of King Tutankhamen was discovered in Egypt in 1922 by Howard Carter.

Most of the city was destroyed by bombs during the war, but the old church miraculously remained intact.

He lost the game but was able to leave with his confidence intact.

He is a crafty politician and was able to survive the scandal with his reputation intact.

It appears that as we get older, the brain may compensate for the losses it experiences as a result of the aging process by making better use of the structures that remain intact.

Experts agree that by leaving the rainforests intact and harvesting its many nuts, fruits, oil-producing plants, and medicinal plants, the rainforest has more economic value than if it is cut down to make grazing land for cattle or for timber.

The construction crew is completely gutting the building to renovate it, but are leaving the exterior facade intact.

Village life in this small African nation has remained largely intact despite the pressures of modernization.

He was able to hike over ten miles, through forest and up a small mountain with six bottles of beer intact in his knapsack.

Industry in the country has largely survived the civil war intact so the economy is rapidly recovering from the conflict.

It is doubtful that the country will be able to survive the war intact. It is widely expected that it will split into two independent nations.

Lewis Wyndham once suggested that the art of advertisement, after the American manner, has introduced into all our life such a lavish use of superlatives that no standard of value whatever is intact.

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