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I'm sorry for deleting the files on your computerMy wife and I are intending to visit your country next spring.

I'm sorry for deleting the files on your computer. Believe me, it wasn't intentional.

The governor has announced his intention to resign before the next election.

The guerrillas seem intent on capturing the government-held television station.

A top military officer is believed to have been the intended victim of a bomb which blew up in the capital today.

In my experience, I've generally found communication to be a subtle art. Offence is often taken, but rarely intended.

He made the mistake unintentionally, so please forgive him.

I'm sorry I made you upset, but I assure you, I did it unintentionally.

When I was dusting the furniture, I unintentionally broke my wife's favorite lamp.

There is a Chinese proverb which states that he who covers up his mistakes intends to make some more.

I saw a bumper sticker once which read, I intend to live forever. So far so good.

Despite the tiger's speed and strength, it only succeeds in killing perhaps one in 20 of its intended victims.

The fall of communism has been described as the sad ending of a political experiment which began with the best of intentions.

Most people who commit suicide mention their intentions to someone.

In Japan, intentional touching between adults in public is uncommon.

The government is intent on introducing the new law despite public opposition.

The children listened intently as the old man told the story.

The lawyer argued that there was no intent to kill the victim.

Pandas are sometimes unintentionally injured or killed in traps set for other animals, such as black bears.

Studies show that approximately 6 million women in the U.S. become pregnant every year, and about half of those pregnancies are unintended.

If you don't intend to take regular courses in an English-speaking university, you don't really need to learn how to write a formal essay.

In university, students sometimes plagiarize material unintentionally because they don't really know how to paraphrase the information properly.

Claudius once observed that to do no evil is good, but to intend none better.

H. Powers once suggested that an animal will always look for a person's intentions by looking them right in the eyes.

Ian Percy once suggested that we judge others by their behavior but we judge ourselves by our intentions.

Find someone who intends to take next session.

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