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The local university offers ESL classes for intermediate and advanced studentsYour test results have placed you in an intermediate class.

The local university offers ESL classes for intermediate and advanced students.

These books are for students at an intermediate level of English.

Kory is an intermediate skier at best, so he shouldn't go on the advanced runs.

Most of the people on the squash ladder are intermediate players at best.

Mice act as an intermediate host for the parasite, which actually reproduces in the stomach of a cat.

The army is using a few intermediate-range missiles at this point in the campaign.

The blue grammar text is advanced, the black intermediate, and the red basic.

This class is really for beginners who have had little or no experience playing tennis. You should sign up for our intermediate class.

Okay, let's have beginners here, intermediates over there, and advanced players can go to the other gym with Hazel.

Physicist Steven Hawking once remarked, It often happens that I have an idea, but then I try to fill in the intermediate steps, and find they don't work, so I have to give it up.

Norman Brenner once suggested that the intermediate stage between socialism and capitalism is alcoholism.

The Korean shaman Mudang is an intermediary who can link the living with the spiritual world where the dead reside.

In geological terms, Mars represents an intermediate phase in planetary development which is transitional between a body like our moon and a planet like Earth.

Discussion question: Describe the language abilities of what you consider to be an intermediate ESL student.

Find someone who is an intermediate level skier.

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