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This medicine can be taken internally or simply rubbed on the skinPlease don't interfere; this is an internal matter only.

This medicine can be taken internally or simply rubbed on the skin.

The police are taking action to strengthen internal security after the attempted attack on the President.

The driver of the car suffered minor internal injuries from his seatbelt, but was otherwise okay.

The patient is bleeding internally, and needs to be operated on immediately.

Nicaragua has stated that the conflict with the guerrillas is an internal matter, and has asked the United States not to intervene.

The outside of the building was okay, but the internal walls were damaged by smoke from the fire.

Norman Cousins once said that laughter is a form of internal jogging.

Based on research with the human body's internal clock, the period between the hours of 4 and 6 in the afternoon is when people are the most irritable.

The body is supported by the skeleton, which also serves to protect the internal organs.

The native peoples of this country are divided internally by both language and culture.

Both Sigmund Freud and Margaret Mead were concerned with the question of how society's notions about proper behavior are internalized by a child.

Cold-blooded means that an animal doesn't have the ability to maintain an internal body temperature all the time; they must rely on the sun to warm them up.

Electrical burns often look minor on the outside, but electricity can cause serious internal damage.

Internal air travel is not really necessary in Kuwait due to its small size.

The main function of human skin is to keep the internal organs from drying up, and to prevent harmful germs from getting inside.

The company uses an in-house newsletter as an effective method of internal communication.

Our body's desire for food is influenced by a number of internal signals.

Because she internalises her anger, no one is ever quite sure when she's mad about something.

The ability of modern science to describe the internal structure of the moon is based on a variety of physical observations.

Discussion question: In what situations would one country have the right to interfere in the internal matters of another country?

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