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The government's failure to pass the bill is widely interpreted as a personal defeat for the PresidentThe old woman couldn't speak English, so her grandchildren had to interpret for her.

The government's failure to pass the bill is widely interpreted as a personal defeat for the President.

The eye receives visual images which are then transmitted to the brain to be interpreted.

Could you tell me your interpretation of the current political situation?

Each person has a different interpretation of the problem.

Our interpretation of the events is quite different from yours.

The interpretation of the Bible has changed throughout the years.

She works as an English-Spanish interpreter for the Mexican Government.

John Locke maintained that the actions of men are the best interpreters of their thoughts.

There is a Hebrew proverb which states that a dream which has not been interpreted is like a letter unread.

The Koran is interpreted in many different ways, but certain principles clearly stand out.

In parts of Sudan, the interpretation of Islamic law dictates that females wear the veil starting at the age of five.

Varying interpretations of the Bible have resulted in the creation of many different religious groups within Christianity.

Human behavior is characterized by the development of systems of meaning to interpret the world.

Children's interpretation of media content is molded by the opinions of parents, teachers, and friends.

The results of elections in Kuwait following the end of the Gulf War were interpreted by many as a success for supporters of increased Islamic law in that nation.

Someone once suggested that a statistician carefully assembles facts and figures for others who carefully misinterpret them.

Messages sent by e-mail are sometimes misinterpreted because the recipient can't always be sure of the tone of the speaker.

We need an accountant to interpret our financial statements.

Because this case is the first of its kind, we don't really know how the court will interpret the law in this situation.

Once observations are complete, the data need to be organized and summarized into a form that allows for interpretation.

Research shows that we use our general knowledge of people and events to help us interpret ambiguous stimuli, and to remember things that happen in our lives.

The science museum has a number of interpretive displays which allow children to try different experiments and work with different machines.

The President's statement was somewhat unclear and resulted in some misinterpretations of his intentions.

The nature house offers a number of interesting interpretative programs on the lifecycle of the salmon for local school children.

Malini works at the intercultural association interpreting for people who don't speak English.

Find someone who has had to interpret for a friend or family member.

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