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The victims were put in isolation to keep the other patients from being exposed to the diseaseHe lives in an isolated region of the state, and he doesn't really care about the social problems of the big cities.

The victims were put in isolation to keep the other patients from being exposed to the disease.

The U.N. is hoping that by isolating the country, pressure can be brought on the leader of the military junta to re-establish democratic rule.

In the past, people with serious illnesses were isolated within their communities in order to avoid infecting others.

She feels very isolated at work because she doesn't speak English very well and can't communicate with her co-workers.

He injured himself while hiking in an isolated area of the state, and died because he couldn't get the proper medical care in time.

Genetic engineering may someday allow scientists to isolate and treat specific genes responsible for a variety of illnesses.

Studies show that isolation for the first six months of life will render an animal permanently inadequate.

Barbara Sher once said that isolation is a dream killer.

There is a theory which holds that our galaxy formed in isolation from a single cloud of gas.

Japanese scientists have isolated 3,000 pharmaceutically active substances from marine animals and plants.

The prisoner was held in isolation for 3 days after attacking a guard.

The country is totally isolated in the world community because of its actions.

In the past, when people lived in small, isolated tribes, each man had a first name only.

It is important to isolate patients with infectious diseases so that others will not become sick.

Vincent Van Gogh's inability to form fulfilling personal relationships manifested itself in the feelings of isolation illustrated by his paintings.

Iceland is an isolated country with limited natural resources, and must import goods from over 40 countries.

Isolated by vast mountain ranges that form its western, northern and southern borders, Tibet is one of the world's least populated areas.

The people of Papua New Guinea lived isolated independent lives for hundreds of years.

In April of 1932, after 5 years of research, an American science professor isolated vitamin C.

The rugged and isolated islands of Cape Verde are located in the Atlantic Ocean, 300 miles off the coast of the West African country of Senegal.

In many countries around the world, isolating children at bedtime is considered inappropriate and even shocking.

No species of plant or animal on this planet exists in isolation from all others.

North Korea's isolationist policies have made it difficult for the country's economy to develop.

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