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Rub some of this lotion on your sore elbow, and it'll loosen up that stiff joint a bitMy grandmother gets a lot of pain in her joints when the weather is cold.

Rub some of this lotion on your sore elbow, and it'll loosen up that stiff joint a bit.

My brother and his friends were smoking a joint at the party when my dad walked in.

He quickly rolled a joint and lit it up.

She injured the joint in her ankle when she tripped and fell while jogging.

Anne and I have a joint bank account that we both deposit our paychecks into.

After getting a divorce, they came to a joint decision that they would each take care of the children half-time.

The fair is jointly run by the city and a couple of service organizations.

My mum cooked up a large joint of beef for dinner.

After a big fight broke out at the nightclub, the police closed the joint for a few days.

We went dancing at a nice little joint that just opened up downtown.

A couple of guys got thrown out of the bar, so they went back later that night and set the joint on fire.

Would you like me to slice you another piece of meat off the joint of pork?

The union and management have come to a joint agreement on a salary increase of 5%.

My brother and I have joint ownership of the business.

The program is a joint effort by the state government and private industry.

Jennifer Aniston once worked as a waitress at a hamburger joint.

In Holland, marijuana is not legal, but people can buy joints at special coffee shops.

Doctors say that the knee is the most easily injured of all the joints in the body.

Antarctica was long used as a testing laboratory for the joint United States-Soviet Union mission to Mars because it closely resembles that planet.

We fried the chicken joints in a delicious coconut curry.

Alexander Pope once wrote, Tis not a lip, or eye, we beauty call, but the joint force and full result of all.

The tunnel under the English Channel was built as a joint venture by the governments of Great Britain and France.

Joints in rock allow the atmosphere and water to attack the rock body at a greater depth.

Around one third of elderly people suffer frequent joint pain.

Healthy joints protect the ends of your bones from physical wear and tear.

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