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The labor of weeding the garden was too much for his weak backMy wife was in labor for 10 hours before finally giving birth to our twin girls.

The labor of weeding the garden was too much for his weak back.

Her grandfather labored in the coal mines for over 40 years before dying of lung cancer.

Immigrants are often exploited as cheap labor in factories because they don't have the language skills necessary to get higher paying jobs.

There often seems to be a conflict between management and labor in the North American industrial model.

I massaged my wife's back during labor to help her rest between contractions.

He works as a laborer on a roadbuilding crew for the city.

Traditionally, the Chinese agricultural strategy was to apply human labor intensively to the lands which would yield the greatest return.

He has worked in the labor movement as steward, treasurer and president of his local.

It cost about $200 for parts and $100 for labor to fix my car.

Labor leaders have warned the government that a strike is possible if negotiations fail.

Joseph Joubert once observed that genius begins great works, but labor alone finishes them.

Winston Churchill once stated that to build is often the slow and laborious task of years, but to destroy can be the thoughtless act of a single day.

There is a Dutch proverb which states that love makes labor light.

In some parts of the world, dried shark brain is used to ease labor pains and prevent tooth decay.

Musician Eric Clapton worked as a manual laborer before becoming a famous guitarist.

British author Oscar Wilde served two years at hard labor after being found guilty of homosexuality.

About 25,000 laborers died during the construction of the Panama Canal.

Most of the laborers who worked to build the railroad across the country in the 1800s were Chinese immigrants.

In size, materials, and human labor, the Great Wall of China is the largest construction project ever undertaken by man.

The factory has hired a number of laborers to work the night shift.

All our labors in attempting to save the area for parkland have resulted in success.

The workers labored in the field all day, picking grapes for wine.

Mohammed advised, Give the laborer his wages before his perspiration be dry.

Discussion question: How do you feel about labor unions?

Find someone who has worked as a laborer.

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