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I got a lash in my eye, and couldn't seeHer beautiful long lashes, and her startling blue eyes drive men crazy.

I got a lash in my eye, and couldn't see.

In the story The Odyssey, Ulysses had his men lash him to the mast of his ship so that he could listen to the song of the sirens of Titan.

We lashed some poles together to make ourselves a little beach shelter.

Rain lashed the windshield of the car, and strong winds blew us from side to side.

A huge storm lashed the coast and a number of fishing boats were lost.

The cat's tail was lashing back and forth in excitement as it watched a bird outside the window.

Spray from the waves lashed our faces as we stood on the rocks watching the ocean.

This mascara makes it look like you have beautiful, thick lashes an inch long.

He was given five lashes of the headmaster's leather belt as punishment.

A vandal in Singapore was sentenced to ten lashes with a cane for spray-painting graffiti on a car.

The brontosaurus struck the tyrannosaurus with a lash of its mighty tail.

The cat's tail was lashing from side to side, and its hair was standing on end.

There is a Hebrew proverb which observes that a pain that pricks the conscience is more effective than any lash of the whip.

We lashed down the sails because it was too windy to sail.

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