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In a tragic accident a few years ago, the space shuttle blew up shortly after being launched, killing all the astronauts on boardThe launch of the space shuttle has been delayed due to high winds.

In a tragic accident a few years ago, the space shuttle blew up shortly after being launched, killing all the astronauts on board.

We launched the boat from Cattle Point, and sailed up the coast to Sidney.

My great-grandmother was present at the launching of the Titanic, but luckily she wasn't a passenger.

The police have launched an investigation into recent allegations of corruption in the Department of Immigration.

The theories of Albert Einstein launched an intellectual search for a single coherent law that governs the universe.

The mayor has launched a new program to encourage cycle-tourism as a great attraction in our town.

Generally, it is those among the discontented who can best afford the risks of collective action who tend to launch protest movements.

Joka-Cola has launched a new vegetable pop which is doing quite well.

Thoreau once wrote, You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.

It costs about $50 million in production, advertising, and coupon promotions to launch each newly-created breakfast cereal in the United States.

Approximately 1,000 new soft drinks are launched in Japan every year, of which only a small number survive.

On August 22, 1849, Austria launched unmanned balloons carrying bombs in the world's first known use of aircraft in warfare.

The first VHS videotape was launched in 1975, by Japan.

Launched in Sputnik II, Laika the dog became the first animal in space on November 3, 1957.

The first spaceshuttle was launched by NASA in 1981.

Microsoft CEO Bill Gates launched his business career at age 14 by forming a company named Lakeside Programming Group.

The first manned spacecraft to be launched was the Soviet's Vostok 1, which left earth in 1961.

The first satellite the United States launched into space was the Explorer 1, in 1958.

Within hours of the launch of Microsoft's Office '97, illegal copies were being sold in a market in Russia.

Twelve nations celebrated the launch of the new Euro currency on January 1, 2002.

The Soviet Union launched the first space satellite in 1957.

Many new computer products are launched at this big computer fair each year.

Johann Gutenberg launched a technological revolution in 1455, with the printing of 200 Bibles.

When rockets are launched, they use enormous quantities of fuel.

After suffering injustices and insults by racists, Mahatma Gandhi launched a movement for equal rights in South Africa.

Our newest product line will be officially launched at a huge party at company headquarters.

Find someone who has launched a toy rocket.

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