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After the volcano erupted, all the houses in the town below were covered with a layer of ashShe made a delicious cake that had chocolate ice cream on one layer, and vanilla ice cream on another.

After the volcano erupted, all the houses in the town below were covered with a layer of ash.

The streets were covered in a fresh layer of snow.

The destruction of the ozone layer is a serious environmental problem.

My wife made a delicious apple crisp, layering pieces of apples with an oatmeal and honey mixture.

The rescuers are digging through the remains of the buildings a layer at a time, looking for survivors of the earthquake.

The book has a whole layer of meaning that you may not get the first time you read it.

Woody Harrelson once said that a grown-up is simply a child with layers on.

The salt contained in all of the world's oceans could cover the United States in a layer two kilometers thick.

Papua New Guinea is home to several types of kangaroos that live in the top layers of trees.

Seals and whales keep warm in the icy polar water thanks to a layer of fat under their skin.

The top layer of trees is home to most of the animals and insects that live in the rainforest.

The popular Greek dish moussaka consists of layers of seasoned ground lamb and eggplant, and is usually topped with a custard or cheese sauce, and baked.

The Japanese dish okonomiyaki consists of grilled vegetables, noodles, and meat or seafood, placed between two layers of fried batter.

First-degree burns involve only the outer layer of skin.

Wearing layers of clothing will help you to keep warm in extreme cold conditions.

There was a layer of smog over the city that blocked the view of the mountains.

When polar bears swim, a layer of fat and thick fur keeps them warm in the icy waters.

In 1985, British scientists discovered that a hole in the ozone layer develops over Antarctica each winter.

The top of the cake is covered with whipped cream layered with strawberries.

Find someone who is concerned about the ozone layer.

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