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We took a leisurely stroll down to the waterfront after supperIf my kids have too much leisure time, they usually get bored very quickly.

We took a leisurely stroll down to the waterfront after supper.

My secretary has typed up the report for you to read at your leisure.

They arranged to have a little leisure time for sightseeing during their trip to a conference in Hawaii.

The Martians enjoyed a leisurely meal of roast humans on rice.

Hiking is a popular leisure activity for young adults here on the West Coast.

He doesn't know how to relax really, and usually spends his leisure time working around the house.

You can stroll at leisure through the market until noon, at which time the group will be meeting to have lunch in a local restaurant.

Studies show that listening to music, especially rock music, is the preferred leisure activity of North American adolescents.

Inadequate leisure time can be seen as a limiting factor that prevents innovation and experimentation.

The new leisure center has an Olympic-sized swimming pool, weight room, and squash courts.

The leisured classes in this country seem to believe that the poor are poor simply due to a lack of hard work.

Since my retirement, I have led a leisured life of golf and garden parties.

The party was a very leisurely affair, with general dress being shorts and a T-shirt.

There is a Chinese proverb which states, Always take an emergency leisurely.

Benjamin Franklin once suggested that leisure is the time for doing something useful.

Jeanne-Marie Roland once stated that people who know how to employ themselves always find leisure moments, while those who do nothing are forever in a hurry.

Aristotle once noted that the end of labor is to gain leisure.

Gerald Brenan once stated that we are closer to the ants than to butterflies, in that very few people can endure much leisure.

I read somewhere that gardening is the leading leisure-time activity in the world.

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours, and periodic holidays with pay.

In 1999, for the first time, British households were spending more on leisure than on housing, food or transport.

Discussion question: What do you like to do in your leisure time?

Find someone who likes to spend his/her leisure time practising sports.

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