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You have to be 16 years old in order to get a driver's license hereHe lost his driver's license for a year after being stopped for drunk driving for the third time.

You have to be 16 years old in order to get a driver's license here.

Secret agent James Bond had a special license which allowed him to kill in the service of his government.

In order to own a gun in this country, you must get a special license, and take a course in gun safety.

The ferry was only licensed to carry 200 people, yet there were almost 250 on board at the time of the accident.

He lost his taxi license after fighting with a customer.

My fishing license only allows me to catch two salmon per day.

Horace once suggested that painters and poets alike have always had license to dare anything.

In Arizona, a license is required by law to hunt rattlesnakes, but not to own them as pets.

The state of California has issued 6 driver's licenses to people named Jesus Christ.

Queen Elizabeth is the only person in England who does not need a license plate on her car.

More than 110,000 marriage licenses are issued in Las Vegas each year.

Small traders who get a license can now work independently in Cuba.

In March of 1894, the first dog license, costing $2 a year, was issued in New York City.

Abraham Lincoln received his license to practice law in September of 1836.

In Greece, the law states that if you are dirty or dressed poorly while driving on the public roads of Athens, you may have your license taken away.

You can't buy alcohol in this restaurant; it's unlicensed.

The daycare center was unlicensed and did not meet the minimum safety and health requirements.

Police have taken into custody an unlicensed driver who injured two pedestrians in an accident this morning.

A number of local bars have lost their licenses because they were repeatedly caught selling alcohol to minors.

Marshall McLuhan once remarked that American youth gives much more importance to arriving at driver's license age than at voting age.

He has completed his studies and is now fully licensed to practise medecine.

Discussion question: At what age do you think a person is old enough to get a driver's license?

Find someone who has a driver's license.

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