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Example Sentences for "litter"

Please don't litter; put your garbage in the containers providedThere is a lot of litter on the streets around the high school.

Please don't litter; put your garbage in the containers provided.

Anyone caught littering will be subject to a minimum fine of $50.

The floor was littered with cigarette butts and beer bottle caps after the party.

The beach is littered with styrofoam and pieces of plastic that have washed up over time.

Local school children were out working today, cleaning up litter in our city's largest park.

Broken glass littered the floor where the window had been broken.

Our cat had three litters of kittens before we had her fixed.

We were able to find good homes for our dog's entire litter of puppies without any difficulty.

Our cat uses a litter box to do its business when it is inside at night.

Could you pick up some more litter for the kitty's box when you go to the store?

Jackie has a pet hedgehog that is trained to poop in a litter box, like a cat.

There are a couple of wolves with a new litter of pups in the forest near our cabin.

A female mouse may give birth to as many as ten litters of eight to ten babies during her lifetime, which is generally less than a year.

Thoreau once suggested that what men call good fellowship is commonly but the virtue of pigs in a litter which lie close together to keep each other warm.

Condoleezza Rice once remarked that history is littered with cases of inaction that led to very grave consequences for the world.

Find someone who has picked up litter in a public place.

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