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I don't understand the logic of your argumentsYou need to apply a proper system of logic to solve these problems.

I don't understand the logic of your arguments.

Don't look for logic in language because language is created by human beings, not by a machine.

If you approach the situation logically, rather than emotionally, you can make a much fairer decision.

It is not logical to think that someone will do something just because you think it is the best thing to do.

It seems illogical to me that marijuana is illegal when dangerous drugs like alcohol and tobacco are freely available.

The logical way to reduce the number of cars on the road would be to make mass transit more attractive.

Charles Kettering once suggested that logic is a system whereby one may go wrong with confidence.

Writer Charlotte Bronte once suggested that it is better to be without logic than without feeling.

The great fictional detective Sherlock Holmes applied logic to solve puzzling crimes.

In Bolivia, March 19 was seen as the logical choice to hold Father's Day because it is the day honoring Saint-Joseph, the step-father of Jesus.

One's ability to reason logically and abstractly is increased through the study of mathematics.

The ability to think logically is an important skill that you will use in any profession you choose, as well as in daily life.

Red was considered the logical choice to mean stop for traffic signals because it has long been associated with danger.

After women replaced men in the factories during the First World War, it became illogical to continue to deny them the right to vote.

Discussion question: Do you consider yourself to be a more logical, or a more emotional person?

Find someone who considers her/himself to be a logical person.

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