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In Japanese culture, it is perfectly acceptable to make loud slurping sounds when you are eating noodlesBlue whales can make sounds which are nearly twice as loud as a jet taking off.

In Japanese culture, it is perfectly acceptable to make loud slurping sounds when you are eating noodles.

The movie was quite funny, and I found myself laughing out loud a number of times.

The child got frightened when he heard his parents arguing loudly in the kitchen.

We heard a loud bang, and ran outside, where we saw there had been a car accident.

I heard a loud crash from the kitchen, and ran in to find that my cat had knocked over a pile of dirty dishes.

To warn off other males, orangutans burp loudly to declare their territory.

I doubt Janis will go to the party; she doesn't like loud music or crowds.

The people of Madagascar are extremely polite, and generally will not speak too loudly.

The fridge is making a loud humming sound that is starting to drive me crazy.

Make sure you knock loudly when you come to the door; I might be in another room, and it is sometimes difficult to hear.

Someone once joked, Our mechanic couldn't repair the brakes on your car, so we made your horn louder.

The music was so loud in the nightclub that we had to shout at each other to have a conversation.

The little girls were skipping rope, and singing loudly.

The noise in the factory was so loud that we couldn't hear ourselves speaking.

He spoke her name aloud as he looked at their old wedding photos.

You shouldn't turn the music up so loud. You're going to go deaf some day.

The dogs barked loudly at our next door neighbor's cat as it walked along the fence.

The loudness of the outdoor concert resulted in a number of complaints.

It's important for parents to read aloud to their children on a regular basis.

The people in the crowd who screamed the loudest were awarded t-shirts.

There is an Armenian proverb which states that the voice of the people is louder than the boom of a cannon.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.

A Chinese proverb notes that being in the right does not depend on having a loud voice.

There is an old saying which states that actions speak louder than words.

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