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The membership has given the union the mandate to strikeThe government has won an impressive mandate with over 63% percent of the vote.

The membership has given the union the mandate to strike.

It is not the mandate of this university to teach English as a Second Language to immigrants; that is the job of the community colleges.

The United Nations peace-keeping force is mandated to ensure that the refugees are allowed to return to their homes.

The Premier seems determined to stay in office until the absolute end of his 5-year mandate.

The Prime Minister is expected to retire from politics when his current mandate comes to an end.

The mandatory retirement age in this country is 65.

Kings of the Chou dynasty in ancient China called themselves the Sons of Heaven to emphasize that their rule was a mandate from the gods.

Attendance is mandatory, and absences must be explained.

The mandatory sentence for a crime of this type is a minimum four years in prison.

In my opinion, the government has no mandate for this legislation because they never mentioned it during the election campaign.

Studies show that even when they work outside the home, women still have the cultural mandate to give priority to the family.

Because the political elite is the only elite that requires a popular mandate, its decisions have greater legitimacy than those of the other elites.

Along with teaching knowledge and skills, the mandate of the school system is to identify students' abilities and potential.

In 1991, Jordan became the only Arab country to stop mandatory military service.

W. Edwards Deming once noted that it is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.

At the end of the First World War, South Africa was given a mandate to rule the territory known today as Namibia.

In 1923, Britain was given a mandate from the League of Nations to govern Palestine.

South Africa occupied the German colony of South-West Africa during World War One, and administered it as a mandate until after the Second World War.

The mandate of the organization Greenpeace is to safeguard our natural environment.

The local hockey association has mandated obligatory mouth-guards for all the players.

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