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The robbers were wearing clown masksThe teenager masked his shyness by getting drunk at parties in order to feel relaxed enough to talk to people.

The robbers were wearing clown masks.

My son wore a wonderful monster mask for Halloween.

You must wear a mask over your mouth and nose when working with these chemicals.

She puts on a mask of clay every evening to protect her beautiful skin.

You shouldn't try to mask your feelings; it's better to be honest and open.

They tried to mask the odor of the outhouse with some kind of spray, but it didn't work.

Marcus Annaeus Lucanus once remarked that boldness can mask great fear.

Until 1959, a hockey goaltender never wore a mask to protect his face from the puck.

Children shouldn't wear masks that are difficult to see out of for Halloween because they could have an accident.

The Mycenaeans made gold death masks of their kings.

In North Bohemia in the Czech Republic, children sometimes wear gas masks to protect themselves from the terrible air pollution.

Women wearing traditional Islamic face masks are officially banned from driving in Kuwait for safety reasons.

It has been suggested that in Chinese culture, children are brought up to mask their feelings by smiling or laughing.

A Hebrew proverb suggests that pride is the mask we make of our faults.

Discussion question: In the culture of your country, do people sometimes wear a mask, and if so, when and why?

Find someone who has worn a mask.

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