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A male cat will bite the female in the back of the neck to hold her down while they are matingStudies show that certain kinds of geese mate for their entire life.

A male cat will bite the female in the back of the neck to hold her down while they are mating.

Lions will generally mate with as many females as possible in order to be sure to produce offspring.

It is very difficult to get whales to mate in captivity.

The panda bear seemed very sad after the death of its mate, and refused to eat for days.

Zookeepers here have succeeded in mating their rhinoceros with one on loan from a zoo in Germany.

Fisherman are not allowed to catch salmon during the mating season, except for native people who have the traditional right to catch a limited number of fish.

Apparently, some lions mate fifty times a day.

The snail mates only once in its entire life.

The male fox will mate for life, and if the female dies, he remains single for the rest of his life.

Some animals become very aggressive during the mating season.

Barnett Bricker once observed that success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.

Eagles mate in the air.

Men seem to value attractiveness in their mate, whereas women put more emphasis on financial prospects.

Discussion question: Describe the perfect mate for you.

Find someone who has seen two dogs or cats mating.

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