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A close measurement of the room showed it to be larger than we had thoughtThe severity of an earthquake is measured using a device known as the Richter scale.

A close measurement of the room showed it to be larger than we had thought.

Sophie made a mistake when she measured Marly to shorten his pants.

There are marks all over one of our kitchen walls from where we have measured our children's height as they have grown over the years.

Hal's pet snake measures almost 5 feet long.

We need to do regular evaluations in order to measure our students' progress in English.

Chinese scientists recently began to remeasure Mount Everest for the first time in 20 years, checking theories that it is growing about a centimeter each year.

Many teachers feel that tests are not necessarily a valid measure of a student's progress.

William R. Alger once said that the wealth of a soul is measured by how much it can feel.

Zelda Fitzgerald once observed that nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold.

There is a Kenyan proverb which states that if you receive a gift, don't measure it.

Electrical current is measured in cycles.

One of the most commonly used measures of social inequality is occupational prestige.

In traditional African communities, cattle are considered a measure of wealth and prestige.

In Somalia, a family's status in the community is often measured by the number of camels it owns.

In 1793, France became the first country to use the metric system of weights and measures.

The government needs to take measures to curb violent crime.

It is important that your measurements be precise when putting in an order for new curtains.

A mercury thermometer cannot measure temperatures lower than minus 38.8 degrees Celcius because the mercury freezes at that point.

The first standardized system of measurement was developed in Mesopotamia around 4,700 years ago.

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