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Don't mention anything about the dead hamster to the kids; it really gets them upsetCould you mention the meeting to Charlie when you see him? I don't want him to forget.

Don't mention anything about the dead hamster to the kids; it really gets them upset.

The government statement made no mention of the President's health.

You were mentioned in the report as being one of those responsible.

Well-known scientist David Suzuki has often been mentioned as a potential political candidate in this country, but he doesn't seem interested in running for office.

I mentioned to Jackie that I would be away tomorrow, and it didn't seem to present any problems.

If you are speaking to the landlord, could you mention the problem with the fridge to him?

A doctor once said that a person often catches a cold when a mother-in-law comes to visit, and that patients mentioned mothers-in-law so often that they should be considered a common cause of disease in the United States.

There is a Greek proverb which says that not to mention the truth is hiding gold.

When you go to Grandma's house, don't mention anything about the party because we want it to be a surprise.

He mentioned the report briefly in his most recent e-mail.

Don't mention the cat to the children. I'm hoping it'll find its way back home before they notice it has run away.

Your mother made no mention of the health problems she was having when I saw her.

The lost city of Atlantis was first mentioned by the Greek philosopher Plato in his dialogs.

The government news release made no mention of the President's upcoming trip abroad.

She didn't mention the party when I was talking to her so I guess I'm not invited.

Ron Jaworski once noted that positive thinking is the key to success in business, education, pro football - anything that you can mention.

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