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He fought against the enemy with all his mightThe brave knight chopped off the dragon's head with a single mighty swing of his magic sword.

He fought against the enemy with all his might.

The water volume of the Congo River is second in the world only to that of the mighty Amazon.

The brontosaurus struck the tyrannosaurus with its mighty tail.

We were mighty pleased to hear that you would be able to visit for Christmas.

It gets mighty cold in these parts once winter sets in.

He was mighty proud of himself after winning the race.

Ajax was a mighty hero of the Trojan War who killed himself out of anger after the armor of the fallen warrior Achilles was awarded to Odysseus instead of himself.

The King sent fifty mighty ships of war to attack the seaside castle of his enemy.

Even the might of the King's special army was not enough to stop the invaders.

The villagers fought mightily against the monsters and drove them from their lands.

We were sitting in the caf- when we heard a mighty crash from the street.

The Lion King stood on the rock overlooking the savannah and roared mightily.

Everyone was mightily impressed by the performance; it was easily the best we'd seen in the entire festival.

In the 11th century, Airlangga, a mighty king of Java, divided his lands among his two sons.

The old woman swung her purse at the young man who tried to grab it with all her might.

A Hebrew proverb asks, Who is mighty? One who makes an enemy into a friend.

John Dryden once noted that mighty things from small beginnings grow.

Olin Miller once noted, If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it.

Basil King once stated, Be bold, and mighty powers will come to your aid.

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