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The river has been polluted by the paper mill, and now there are no salmon leftMany lumber mills in our state have closed over the last few years as trees become more scarce.

The river has been polluted by the paper mill, and now there are no salmon left.

The lumber mill closed down because there simply aren't enough trees left in the area to cut down.

He worked for years in the steel mills, and lost his hearing due to the noise there.

After gathering the grain, the farmer took it to the mill to be ground into flour.

The main industry in the town was the pulp and paper mill, and when it shut down, there was nothing left to keep the people there.

Lornalee worked in the textile mill for a few years before deciding to go back to school.

There is an Irish proverb which reminds us that the slow horse still reaches the mill.

Modern mills worldwide produce a third of a billion tons of paper every year.

Over sixty people have lost their jobs with the closing of the town's lumber mill.

He lost his arm in an accident at the mill, and has been off work since.

A bunch of the guys down at the mill are talking about unionizing so that we can get better job security.

The islands of Fiji have three large mills to process sugarcane into sugar.

The farmer took his wheat to the mill to be ground into flour.

Since 1997, 13,000 forest workers have lost their jobs, and 27 mills have shut down in British Columbia.

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