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Foreign cars sold in this country must undergo certain modifications in order to reduce the amount of pollution they produceIn English, adjectives usually modify nouns.

Foreign cars sold in this country must undergo certain modifications in order to reduce the amount of pollution they produce.

The carpenter made some modifications to our cupboard, so I could store the vacuum cleaner there.

Hugh made the bookshelf modifiable so that we can change the shelves around when needed.

Alice tried to modify her style of dress to please her new boyfriend.

Teachers often modify their language slightly when they speak to students who are learning English.

The right wing has been forced to modify its policies somewhat to attract more voters.

James Fenimore Cooper once said that principles become modified in practice by facts.

Only insects have true wings; other flying creatures, like bats and birds, fly using legs that are modified to be wings.

There is a group of engineers driving across the continent in an automobile which has been modified to run on cooking oil instead of gasoline.

Many people are concerned about genetically-modified foods and their effect on our health.

Abraham Lincoln once remarked that human action can be modified to a certain extent, but human nature cannot be changed.

A simple modification of the car's engine allows it to use cooking grease as fuel.

The manufacturer is modifying its vehicles to reduce the amount of pollution they generate.

In English grammar, an adverb modifies the verb.

Only cars with unmodified street engines are allowed to compete in the race.

Many problems are caused by the subtle modification of a river system as a result of urbanization.

The landscape of our planet is greatly modified by the tremendous volume of water circulating on its surface.

The Earth's shorelines represent a dynamic system which is continually being modified by the forces of ocean waves and currents.

One of the only ways the surface of the moon can be modified is by the impact of meteorites coming from space.

In the early to mid 1500s, new types and forms of vocal music which modified the dominant Franco-Flemish style appeared throughout Europe.

Discussion question: How do you feel about genetically-modified food?

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