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Example Sentences for "neat"

The movie last night was really neatHe's a really neat guy, I like him a lot.

The movie last night was really neat. I'd like to see it again.

He was very neatly dressed for his job interview this morning.

That video game is really neat; you should rent it.

Her room is always very neat, but her car is a total mess.

I can't believe how neat their yard is. There's not a weed in sight, and even the dirt looks clean.

My sister's writing is always so neat, whereas mine is a total mess.

Dave spent the day weeding, watering, and cleaning up, trying to make the garden look as neat as possible.

Sophie's job at the store was to go around and make sure everything on the shelves was kept in neat rows.

Henry Louis Mencken once said that for every problem, there is one solution which is simple, neat and wrong.

Please make sure that everything is neatly put away before you close up the store.

The player did a neat little move around the defenseman, and took an excellent shot on goal.

People in China traditionally take great pride in neatness, and houses are usually kept in good order.

Part of getting ready for the Chinese New Year is making sure your home is neat and clean before the new year begins.

I don't understand why you want to clean up the apartment and make the place look neat when we're having a party that will just mess it up again.

My daughter's room was always a total mess when she was growing up, but now that she has her own apartment, she keeps it very neat.

His desire for neatness sometimes annoys his co-workers because he gets very upset if even the littlest thing is out of place.

Find someone who has a very neat room.

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