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I can't sing that song because some of the notes are too highYou need a note from your parents if you can't take part in the sports day activities.

I can't sing that song because some of the notes are too high.

When I got home there was a note on the table saying that supper was in the fridge.

I borrowed my classmates notes to study for the test because I lost mine.

She wrote three pages of notes during the history lecture.

The teacher gave out a handout at the beginning of the class, so the students didn't need to take notes.

There seemed to be a note of fear in her voice.

The article gave a note of caution to anyone planning on going to the region.

The movie ended on somewhat of a sad note, so I left the theater feeling kind of down.

The old man had a bunch of five pound notes in his pocket.

My mum gave me a ten pound note to buy myself some new trousers.

Please note that we will be closed early tonight for a staff Christmas party.

Note how easy it is to use the program, once you understand the basics.

She said that sales were up quite a bit, noting that December was our best month ever.

San Antonio is noted for the beauty of its downtown area.

My boss is not noted for his generosity; he expects us to work overtime at our regular salary.

The report on crime in the area notes several cases of theft that have occurred recently.

Scientific notation allows us to write very large numbers without writing a great number of zeros.

The audience began screaming with excitement as the first notes of the song were played.

Martin is a noted authority on the subject.

One of his most notable achievements was to balance the federal budget for the first time in twenty years.

We have attracted some important new clients, most notably a number of American universities.

Denver is notable for its beautiful natural setting.

The policeman noted the time of death of the victim.

Try not to read your notes too much when you are giving your presentation.

Her parents found a note she had left explaining that she had run away with her boyfriend.

Mozart once wrote a piece for piano which required the player to use both hands and his nose in order to hit all the correct notes.

Musical theorists of the Middle Ages worked hard to develop an adequate musical notation.

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