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My mother's occupation was salesclerk in a department storeHe has changed occupations a number of times during his career.

My mother's occupation was salesclerk in a department store.

Under 'occupation' on the form, I just wrote 'student'.

Teaching children is a very difficult occupation at times, but I love it.

His previous occupation was as a janitor.

The school held an occupation fair in order to introduce students to different kinds of careers.

Many occupations which exist today will disappear within the next 20 years, replaced by new occupations which have not yet been created.

Deep-sea diving from oil rigs is among the world's most dangerous occupations, averaging a death rate of 1 out of every 100 workers each year.

Being an ESL teacher doesn't have many occupational hazards, except perhaps for breathing in chalk dust.

One of the most commonly used measures of social inequality is occupational prestige.

Many occupations which were previously considered only for men, such as truck driving, are now becoming more and more common for women.

Studies show that class origin has a significant influence on the occupation that a child will eventually choose.

The island of Martinique has remained a French possession since 1635 except for three brief periods of foreign occupation.

The Intifada was a revolt that began in December 1987 by Palestinian Arabs to protest Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The government of East Timor faces great challenges in rebuilding the country after years of war and occupation.

In 1944, as Germany was losing the war, many Estonians became alarmed at the prospect of Soviet occupation, and fled to Sweden.

The central districts of Estonia's two main cities have changed little despite a long history of invasion, occupation, warfare and conflict.

In 1942, Anne Frank and her family went into hiding in a house in Amsterdam in an effort to escape deportation during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

Henry Luce once stated that business more than any other occupation is a continual dealing with the future; it is a continual calculation, an instinctive exercise in foresight.

Dorothy Sayers notes that a human being must have occupation if he or she is not to become a nuisance in the world.

Discussion question: What is your dream occupation?

Find someone who has changed occupations more than five times.

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