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That man is a real political opportunist; he changes policies whenever he thinks it is necessary in order to stay in powerLiving in this town really gives our students a good opportunity to use their English on a daily basis.

That man is a real political opportunist; he changes policies whenever he thinks it is necessary in order to stay in power.

Many young children don't have the opportunity to go to a beautiful summer camp like this, so you should appreciate it.

Jacqui's visit to Serengeti National Park was the opportunity of a lifetime to observe lions in the wild.

Doing volunteer work offers you the opportunity to get valuable work experience.

There are a lot of job opportunities for teenagers in the tourist industry in this city each summer.

I haven't had the opportunity to discuss my travel plans with the boss yet.

While travelling in British Columbia, we had the opportunity to view grizzly bears in the wild.

Dave's new job gives him a great opportunity to travel for work.

Everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the presentation.

With two small children at home, we don't get many opportunities to go out these days.

Going to university is your opportunity to make a better life for yourself than I was able to have.

There are lots of opportunities to find work if you're willing to work hard.

While Sophie was in Paris, she had the opportunity to see a wonderful exhibit of paintings by Chagall.

You should visit your grandmother while you are in Texas. She's getting old, and you may never get the opportunity to see her again.

Dominant male buffalo roam singly throughout their herd, searching for mating opportunities, and challenging each other.

If they have the opportunity, elephants will drink every day, though they can go several days without water.

He doesn't really have strong environmental views. His support for green issues is just opportunism, an attempt to get votes.

She quit her party and joined the government in an obviously opportunistic attempt at gaining power.

Napoleon Bonaparte once remarked that ability is nothing without opportunity.

Someone once said that lack of opportunity is often nothing more than lack of purpose or direction.

There is a Dutch proverb which states that opportunity makes desire.

Someone once remarked that opportunities are never lost because someone will always take the ones you miss.

Jack Welch once noted that any time there is change, there is opportunity.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once remarked that age is an opportunity no less than youth itself.

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