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The information was given orally, but nothing has been written downYou will have an oral test at the end of the session to assess your speaking ability.

The information was given orally, but nothing has been written down.

This medicine should be taken orally three times a day.

Regular brushing is essential to good oral hygiene.

My culture passed its traditions down orally for many generations because we didn't have a written language until about 100 years ago.

They made an oral agreement to negotiate a merger between their two companies.

I will be testing your ability to use the new vocabulary both orally, and in writing.

He had to undergo oral surgery to remove his wisdom teeth.

My grandfather developed oral cancer after smoking a pipe all his life.

She did well on her written exam, but got so nervous during the oral that she could hardly open her mouth.

Oral contraceptives are generally more reliable than condoms.

I couldn't believe it! Some woman was giving him oral sex in the washroom during the party.

The oral tradition of our beliefs and our history has been passed down by our people for thousands of years.

Woody Allen once joked, I want to tell you a terrific story about oral contraception. I asked a girl to go to bed with me, and she said 'no'.

Buddhism remained a strictly oral tradition for over 200 years.

Find someone who dislikes oral exams.

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