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The marketing executive outlined his new sales strategy at the weekly staff meetingPlease hand in an outline of your essay before you actually begin writing it so I can see if you have the right idea about how to organize your ideas.

The marketing executive outlined his new sales strategy at the weekly staff meeting.

The governor will outline his plans to reduce unemployment at a news conference tonight.

She was wearing a black dress outlined with gold lace.

The wolves were standing on the hill, outlined against the evening sky.

The press was given an outline of the highlights of the speech ahead of time.

Your teacher will give you an outline of the course in the first week of classes.

Let me outline for you our plans for the project.

There was an outline of a human body drawn in chalk on the sidewalk where the murder took place.

The tiger's stripes provide camouflage by breaking up the outline of their bodies when hidden in tall grasses.

Around the year 1514, Copernicus outlined his theory that the sun is the center of the universe.

In February of 1920, Adolf Hitler, spokesman for an extremist political group in Germany, outlined the organization's program to create a Third German Reich.

In October of 1939, a group of scientists, including Albert Einstein, outlined to President Franklin Roosevelt the possibilities of developing an atomic bomb.

I will outline the key points of our new company policy at tomorrow's staff meeting.

In November of 1941, less than a month before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese Prime Minister General Tojo outlined a three-point plan he said was aimed at peace in East Asia.

In 1848, over 200 women and men met in New York to draft a bill of rights outlining the social, civil, and religious rights of women.

The report outlines the economic benefits of bicycling and walking as alternative modes of transportation.

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