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If each fold neatly overlaps its opposite side, a piece of paper can be folded a maximum of seven timesThe shingles on the roof should overlap one another.

If each fold neatly overlaps its opposite side, a piece of paper can be folded a maximum of seven times.

Teachers can't work in both the summer program and the fall program because they overlap by a week.

My wife's and my taste in movies don't overlap in the least.

The trunk of a banana plant is made of sheaths of overlapping leaves, tightly wrapped around each other like celery stalks.

If you draw the figures so that one slightly overlaps the other, it will add depth to your picture.

We can't watch both the movie and the hockey game on television tonight because the two programs overlap.

If you want to make a darkroom for developing your photos, you'll need to put overlapping sheets of black paper on the window so that absolutely no light gets through.

The duties of the receptionist sometimes overlap those of the secretary.

The overlap in the metal sheeting should be at least an inch and a half.

Men and women live out their lives in social worlds that are separate at some points and overlapping at others.

Make sure the paving stones don't overlap or people will trip over the edges.

Artists make near objects overlap a more distant one in order to create an illusion of depth.

The Cycladic, Minoan, and Mycenaean cultures of ancient Greece overlapped the Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms of ancient Egypt.

The two programs overlapped, so students in the first program had to miss the first few days of classes in the second program because of final exams.

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