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The destruction of the ozone has resulted in serious eye injury to sheep in the south of ArgentinaThe earth will receive more ultraviolet rays as the ozone is destroyed.

The destruction of the ozone has resulted in serious eye injury to sheep in the south of Argentina.

There is now a noticeable hole in the ozone over the Antarctic region.

The newest technology for keeping swimming pools free of germs is ozone.

Strangely enough, the presence of smog can actually help protect our ozone from further destruction by CFCs.

As the ozone thins, there will be more and more cases of skin cancer.

Scientists don't know if the ozone can be repaired, or if so, how long it will take.

Studies have revealed that gas-powered lawn mowers contribute 7 percent of the ozone pollution in the United States.

There is a distinct smell of ozone in the big cities.

The destruction of the ozone could lead to the destruction of our entire planet.

Experts say you should avoid midday or afternoon outdoor exercise when ozone smog levels are high.

In 1974, scientists first warned that chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) produced by spray cans and air conditioners are destroying the ozone layer.

In 1996, a study showed that a global campaign to lower production of chemicals that damage the ozone layer has succeeded, and that by 2010 the ozone layer will have begun to recover, and by 2050 the Antarctic ozone hole will have closed.

The so-called hole in our ozone is actually just an area which is thinner than normal.

The ozone layer is vital to life because it blocks dangerous radiation coming from the sun.

Discussion question: Are you concerned about the destruction of the ozone?

Find someone who is concerned about the destruction of the ozone.

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