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Cam's wife can't swim, so she started to panic when our canoe almost tipped overThe people in the movie theater began to panic and run for the exits when they smelled the smoke.

Cam's wife can't swim, so she started to panic when our canoe almost tipped over.

The citizens of Tokyo fled in panic when Godzilla appeared on the horizon.

The children began to panic as their school bus slid across the icy road.

Fourteen people were trampled to death in the panic that followed the explosion at the stadium.

Don't panic if you miss your bus; there's one every five minutes along this route.

My mother always panics when the airplane starts its preparations for take-off.

When the World Trade Center was hit by hijacked planes, some people panicked and jumped out of the windows of the buildings.

The New York stock exchange crashed in October of 1929, as people panicked, and sold their shares.

A thousand years ago, warriors of the Khmer Empire of Cambodia rode elephants into battle, causing panic in the enemy's ranks.

Sometimes, language learners panic, and lose concentration when faced with unfamiliar vocabulary.

In May of 1964, more than 300 soccer fans were killed, and over 500 others were injured during a riot and panic following an unpopular ruling by a referee in a Peru vs. Argentina soccer game.

The first time a moving train was shown on film, the audience panicked, thinking it might hit them.

The thunderstorm sent our cat into a panic, and she hid under our bed for hours.

In July 2005, a wild panda walked into Dujiangyan, China causing panic among residents before she was finally captured by firemen.

Find someone who sometimes panics before exams.

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