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The record of championship wins by the Montreal Canadiens is simply without parallel in the sporting worldThe street that I live on runs parallel to Admirals Road.

The record of championship wins by the Montreal Canadiens is simply without parallel in the sporting world.

The traditional music of Quebec has many parallels with that of Ireland.

Police investigators working on the case have noticed a number of parallels with other unsolved murders in the state.

The monster lives in a parallel universe which cannot be perceived by people in our dimension.

The road runs parallel to the border for about 100 miles.

Victoria, B.C. is actually south of the 49th parallel, which for most of Canada forms the border with the United States.

Albert Einstein once stated that the unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking, and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophes.

The rapid and continued success of Microsoft Corporation is almost unparalleled in the world of business.

Beach Drive runs parallel to the ocean, and offers spectacular views of the coast.

Forces within the earth are responsible for pushing mountain ranges up into parallel folds.

A 1996 global survey found that despite different cultures, middle-class youth all over the world seem to live their lives as if in a parallel universe, wearing the same clothes, and listening to the same music.

Studies show that by age three or four, the parallel play of children becomes shared play.

Studies show that women's work in the labor force parallels their work at home; they nurture others, cook and serve food, etc.

The complex ground plans of Himeji Castle in Japan are unparalleled anywhere in the world.

When finished a meal in China, it is polite to place your chopsticks in parallel across your dish or bowl.

The tiny nation of Belize in Central America has the world's second largest barrier reef, running parallel to the coast.

In July 2005, British Prime Minister Tony Blair called the Irish Republican Army's decision to disarm a step of unparalleled magnitude.

A rainbow is a large band of parallel stripes which displays the full spectrum of colors.

The computer printer uses the larger parallel port.

The Internet offers unparalleled access to world news and current affairs.

Student parking is limited to the far end of the parking lot running parallel with Johnson Street.

The Ganges River begins in the Himalayas and then flows parallel to the range across the Ganges Plain to the ocean.

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