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My sister was able to peel an apple in one long continuous stripI peeled the potatoes and carrots, and then put them on to boil.

My sister was able to peel an apple in one long continuous strip.

You can put a bit of zest from a lemon peel in the cookies to give them a special tangy taste.

The peelings from potatoes have lots of vitamins in them.

The peel on my orange was so thick that there was hardly any actual fruit inside.

Harriet got a bad sunburn on her back, and now it's starting to peel.

It took them quite a while to peel the old wallpaper off the walls of their bedroom.

The paint is starting to peel off the outside of the house.

Our vegetable peeler is getting a little dull, so it takes a long time to do the carrots.

You don't need to peel those new potatoes; just scrub them, and throw them in the pot.

This special tape allows you to simply peel off unwanted hairs on your legs or under your arms.

Cooking experts tell us that a wet onion is easier to peel than a dry one.

An old French proverb tells us that life is an onion, and one cries while peeling it.

Native people in this area traditionally peeled bark off cedar trees to make baskets, clothes and many other items.

All those peelings from the bananas, carrots, oranges, and potatoes can go into the compost.

I couldn't believe it the first time I saw a Japanese girl actually peeling her grapes.

Secret agent James Bond's favorite drink was a medium Vodka dry Martini - with a slice of lemon peel. Shaken and not stirred.

Find someone who has eaten grapes which were peeled.

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