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Example Sentences for "perch"

A couple of crows were perched on the telephone wiresThe cat was perched on top of the pole and was too afraid to come down.

A couple of crows were perched on the telephone wires.

The parrot was bouncing on its perch, and nodding its head in time to the music.

The owl flew down from its perch and caught a mouse in the grass.

The birds were perched on the fence as I seeded the area with grass, waiting for me to leave, so they could come down and eat all the seeds.

Death was perched on the old man's shoulder as he lay dying in bed, waiting for the chance to claim his soul.

She perched on the edge of my desk and began to chat.

He had a cigarette perched on the corner of his lips.

The ancient monasteries are perched atop the cliffs, and the monks have to climb long rope ladders to get to them.

The canary was sitting on its perch, singing happily.

He perched the glasses on top of the pile of dishes, and carried them all out to the kitchen.

The children perched on the fence and watched the horses running around.

The jaguar was perched up in a tree, waiting to drop down on any animal that passed underneath.

The children were perched on the edge of their chairs, listening intently to the old woman as she told them a story.

There is a Spanish proverb which observes that hens perched on top will poop on those below.

A Greek proverb notes that the fox that waits until the chicken falls from the perch dies from hunger.

Emily Dickinson wrote that Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul.

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