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To me, getting paid to learn foreign languages would be my perfect jobI like to sleep on a very firm mattress, so a futon is perfect for me.

To me, getting paid to learn foreign languages would be my perfect job.

My son can imitate my voice perfectly, so when people phone our house, he sometimes pretends he's me.

Even some native English speakers wouldn't get a perfect score on the TOEFL.

English is not his native language, although he speaks it perfectly.

Kwok-Leung practiced his presentation for hours in order to get it perfect.

The body of a man who lived 5,000 years ago was discovered perfectly preserved in ice.

Gymnast Nadia Commanechi received perfect scores in her gold medal winning performance in the Olympics.

Scientists say that our earth is not actually perfectly round.

Sophie is a real perfectionist, and will spend hours working on a single drawing.

We had a perfect day yesterday. Beautiful weather, delicious food, and great company.

Min-Soo's accent in English is perfect. No one would ever guess that he wasn't born here.

The car is in perfect condition. It looks like it's never been driven.

She has been practising for weeks to perfect her tennis serve.

It took him about ten years to perfect his technique.

That suit fits you perfectly. It looks like it was made for you.

You know perfectly well that I don't drink, so stop asking me.

She accepted a lift home from a perfect stranger. I think it's very foolish.

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea where Bob is.

She will accept nothing but perfection, so nobody wants to work with her.

The steak was cooked to perfection; tender, juicy and simply delicious.

The presentation went perfectly, and everyone seemed to enjoy it immensely.

Heberto had perfect attendance. He didn't miss a single minute of class the entire session.

He will never get married because he wants to meet the perfect woman, but no one is perfect.

Harriet's wedding will be the perfect time to get all our family together.

Someone told me that in India, it is perfectly normal for men to wear pajamas in public.

Our beans are roasted to perfection, resulting in a smooth, full-bodied coffee.

We found a perfect spot to set up our tent right beside the river.

My daughter had her eyes tested, and the doctor said her vision is perfect.

Aristotle once suggested that pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.

Lin Yutang once remarked that if you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live.

A Brazilian proverb observes that haste is the mother of imperfection.

A Chinese proverb states that there are two perfectly good men; one dead, and the other unborn.

A Scottish proverb suggests that perfect love cannot be without equality.

An old saying notes that practice makes perfect.

The potato was the perfect vegetable for Ireland, growing quickly in its wet, cloudy weather.

Amsterdam's red-light district is one of the few places in the world where prostitution is perfectly legal.

Discussion question: Describe the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend for you.

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