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When I was a kid, I wasn't permitted to argue with my parentsChildren at the school have to get their teacher's permission to leave the school grounds during lunch time.

When I was a kid, I wasn't permitted to argue with my parents.

It is not permissible to use a calculator during the test.

Dostoevsky once said that if God does not exist, then everything is permitted.

Her parents are very permissive, but she has become quite responsible and independent because of it.

The young boy asked permission to go to the washroom.

You are not permitted to take photos in the museum.

William Dement once said that dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.

In 1759, for the first time, the Pope gave his permission for the Bible to be translated into all languages of the Catholic states.

In seventeenth-century Japan, no citizen was allowed to leave the country on penalty of death, and anyone caught coming or going without permission was executed on the spot.

The first Far Eastern country to permit kissing in films was China, in 1926.

Someone once suggested that it is easier to get forgiveness than permission.

There is an old proverb which states that the first faults are theirs that commit them; the second theirs that permit them.

Visitors to Angola must apply for a permit in order to be able to take photographs during their stay.

In 1896, the first permits for the public showing of movies were issued in the area known today as Croatia.

The enormous number of photos which have been beamed back from the moon have permitted scientists to map its surface.

You must have a permit in order to light a campfire on the beach during the summer.

If you don't have a parking permit, your car will be towed.

Discussion question: Should teenagers be required to get permission from their parents to buy birth control?

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