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Many greenhouses now use ladybugs as a form of pest control for tomato plantsMy little sister is a total pest who follows me everywhere, and always wants to know what I'm doing.

Many greenhouses now use ladybugs as a form of pest control for tomato plants.

Many typical garden pests can be controlled using soapy water sprayed on plants.

Geneticists are working on developing crops which are resistant to insect pests and plant diseases.

Ironically, the pests that farmers try to kill are sometimes more nutritious than the plants they are trying to save.

An insect pest known as the Gypsy Moth is responsible for the destruction of vast areas of forest in our state.

Little Ragbir is somewhat of a pest, and is always teasing and fighting with the other children in his daycare.

It really bugs me when street people pester me for money downtown, especially if they are wearing more expensive clothes than me.

My children are pestering me to take them to Disneyland, but we simply can't afford it.

Jerome's wife had to pester him for months to see a doctor about a mole on his shoulder, and when he finally did go, they discovered it was skin cancer.

They use a lot of pesticide on their fruit trees, so I don't want to eat their apples.

The mosquito is a serious pest in many parts of the world.

Princess Anne of England once said to a photographer, You are a pest by the very nature of that camera in your hand.

In Eritrea, locusts are a terrible pest which compete with humans for food as they attack a wide range of crops and trees.

Studies show that planting and replanting the same crops strips fields of nutrients, and makes them more vulnerable to pests.

Edouard R. Laboulaye once observed, The first day, a guest; the second, a burden; the third, a pest.

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