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We are now entering the third phase of the experimentHe is in a difficult phase of his life.

We are now entering the third phase of the experiment.

My brother is in a phase where he doesn't want to talk to anyone.

My teenage daughter is going through a phase in which she doesn't want to be seen in public with her parents.

Most teenagers go through a phase in which they argue a lot with their parents.

Some people believe that our behavior is influenced by the different phases of the moon.

The construction project is now entering its final phase of development.

At the end of every 19 years, the lunar phases repeat themselves.

We are now entering the final phase of our 10-year commercial project.

Most of the fuel used by rockets is used in the first phase of the rocket's flight because it has to escape the gravitational pull inside the Earth's atmosphere.

The monthly cycle of phases of the moon has fascinated mankind for many generations.

A complete cycle of the phases of the moon takes 29.53 days.

Millicent McIntosh once stated that the most important phase of living with a person is respect for that person as an individual.

Menopause is the beginning of a new phase in life for many women.

In February of 1942, in the first phase of the Battle of Java Sea, four Allied ships were sunk by the Japanese.

Linguists recognize three main phases in the evolution of the English language.

The first phase of treatment will consist of chemotherapy. After that if the symptoms persist, we may have to consider radiation.

The increase to the education budget will be phased over a period of three years.

In geological terms, Mars represents an intermediate phase in planetary development which is transitional between a body like our moon and a planet like Earth.

Find someone who thinks the moon's phases influence people's moods.

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