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People with eating disorders sometimes don't realize their plight until it is too lateWe saw an excellent program on television regarding the plight of endangered animals in this country.

People with eating disorders sometimes don't realize their plight until it is too late.

The plight of the poor seems to have been ignored in the government's latest budget.

A number of mothers staged a day-long hunger strike to dramatize the plight of low-income families in our country.

The plight of the homeless in this country is a national disgrace.

The underlying principle behind the government's determination to cut social services seems to be the belief that the poor are personally responsible for their plight, and therefore deserve to suffer.

Environmentalists are hoping to bring the plight of the grizzly bear to the attention of the Prime Minister during his visit to the national park.

As a result of the news report on the plight of the families who lost their homes in the fire, over $10,000 in donations was raised to help pay for lost clothing and furnishings.

The President has been criticized for ignoring the plight of abused women in our country.

The front page carried the story of the plight of a young boy who is facing a multiple-transplant operation.

The plight of the soldiers who were in the helicopter which was shot down is not yet known.

Malcolm X once remarked that if you're born in America with a black skin, you're born in prison, and the masses of black people in America today are beginning to regard our plight or predicament in this society as one of a prison inmate.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, One cannot be sure of himself and his fortune an hour, but he may be whisked off into some pitiable or ridiculous plight.

Discussion question: What can we as individuals do about the plight of starving people in the world?

Find someone who is concerned about the plight of starving people in the world.

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