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Example Sentences for "pour"

Make a hole in the middle of your dry ingredients, and then pour the milk into the center of itMake sure you pour water over the campfire before going to bed.

Make a hole in the middle of your dry ingredients, and then pour the milk into the center of it.

Thousands of people poured into the streets of the capital to celebrate their country's victory in the World Cup.

He went into the kitchen and poured himself a beer.

Beethoven used to pour ice water over his head when he sat down to create music, believing it stimulated his brain.

We couldn't get the fire going, so we poured a bit of gas on the wood.

The policeman stopped the young boys, took away their beer and poured it on the ground.

I spilled some wine on the carpet when I was pouring myself a glass of wine.

He poured himself a drink and sat down in front of the television.

Smoke was pouring out the windows of the house by the time the fire engine arrived.

Tears poured down her face as she stood by her husband's grave.

Some guy fell and hit his head while skating, and he had a big cut with blood just pouring out of it.

You'd better take your umbrella with you; it's pouring outside.

We wanted to go camping, but we couldn't because it poured all weekend.

The problems in our school system cannot be solved simply by pouring more money into the education budget.

After the volcano erupted, boiling lava poured down the side of the mountain.

Industries along the river continue to pour dangerous waste into the water.

In Japan, it is considered polite if you pour your companion's drink.

He developed a bad cough and a runny nose after watching the football game in the pouring rain.

You shouldn't pour motor oil into the storm drains on the street because the water there goes into the ocean, and will pollute it.

In Italy, some people find it unfeminine for a woman to pour wine.

I had to ride my bike to school in the pouring rain, so I was totally soaked by the time I got home.

Refugees from the war torn region have been pouring across the border.

Congratulations poured in from around the world when the President won re-election.

Since we started advertising on the Internet, orders have just been pouring in.

Applications for the position have been pouring into the office for days.

My little girl is growing up so fast. Today, she insisted on pouring her own apple juice and she didn't spill a drop.

The fans poured into the streets to celebrate their team's victory in the finals.

Money to help the victims of the earthquake has been pouring into local relief agencies.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that happiness is a perfume which you cannot pour on someone without getting some on yourself.

A Chinese proverb suggests that water and words are easy to pour, but impossible to recover.

A Russian proverb notes that giving gifts to the rich is like pouring water into the sea.

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