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Vultures depend on predators to kill food so that they can eat the remainsGrazing animals such as cows are quite vulnerable to attacks from predators because they have to eat frequently.

Vultures depend on predators to kill food so that they can eat the remains.

The rhinoceros uses its horn to fight off predators.

Certain kinds of killer whales are dangerous predators which hunt in packs, and sometimes attack much larger whales.

Housecats are excellent predators, and kill millions of songbirds each year.

The numbers of deer in this area have increased considerably because too many wolves, their only natural predator, have been killed by local farmers.

Predators have a beneficial effect on the health of their prey, in that they often eat the old or diseased animals, thereby keeping the species strong.

The man is described by police as a predatory sex offender who has attacked a number of women in the city.

The corporation's predatory practices in business have earned the company a bad reputation.

The population of wild rabbits is controlled somewhat by predatory animals such as owls and eagles.

Flying fish build up speed in the water, and then leap into the air in order to escape predators.

To watch for predators, dolphins swim in circles while they sleep, and keep the eye on the outside of the circle open.

Parrots hang upside down when they sleep. This makes them look like bunches of leaves, and prevents recognition by predators.

Andrea Dworkin once suggested that men are sexually predatory in life, and women are sexually manipulative.

Someone once noted that an effective way to deal with predators is to taste terrible.

Howard Scott once stated that a criminal is a person with predatory instincts who has not sufficient capital to form a corporation.

Victoria Secunda once remarked that men are, or are not, trustworthy, loving, predatory, dependable, available, dangerous.

The largest land predator in the world is the Bengal tiger.

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