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Many people died in the earthquake simply because the government was totally unprepared for a disaster of this sizeShe studied for three solid days in order to prepare for her final exam.

Many people died in the earthquake simply because the government was totally unprepared for a disaster of this size.

Perhaps the most important part of a good presentation is good preparation.

Many elite athletes practice visualization techniques to prepare for a competition.

You need to be thoroughly prepared before attempting to hike the West Coast Trail.

Gail Godwin once said that good teaching is one-fourth preparation, and three-fourths theater.

Because it carries a poison inside its body, the puffer fish is prepared only by chefs specially trained and certified by the Japanese government.

The Caesar salad is not named after Julius Caesar; it is named for its creator, Caesar Cardini, who first prepared the salad in his Caesar's Palace Restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico.

The United States' educational systems have moved from elite preparatory systems to mass terminal systems.

Someone once remarked that winning is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

In preparation for painting, the walls should be washed, and lightly sanded.

You should prepare all the ingredients before you start to saut- the vegetables.

Henry Buckle once said that society prepares the crime, and the criminal commits it.

Even before they begin to walk, Mongolian children learn to balance on the back of a sheep, in preparation for learning to ride a horse.

In Serbian homes, the kitchen is generally for food preparation only, and meals are eaten in the dining room.

A Chinese proverb notes that before you prepare to improve the world, you should look around your own house three times.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated that men succeed when they realize that their failures are the preparation for their victories.

Find someone who takes a lot of time to prepare for exams.

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