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Do I need a prescription to buy this medicine?The doctor wrote me a prescription for a painkillerThe doctor prescribed antibiotics to stop the infection.

Do I need a prescription to buy this medicine?

The doctor wrote me a prescription for a painkiller.

I had a bad infection in my throat, so the doctor wrote me out a prescription for some antibiotics.

The doctor prescribed vitamin C, and plenty of rest for her cold.

You shouldn't mix prescription drugs without consulting your doctor.

Some people prefer to use natural herbs as an alternative to prescription drugs.

My host mother is a diabetic, and has a prescription for her insulin.

Dr. Karl Menninger once said that love is a medicine for the sickness of the world; a prescription often given, but too rarely taken.

Roughly 25 percent of all prescription medicines in the United States are derived from plants.

A twelfth-century Egyptian rabbi was the first to prescribe chicken soup for colds.

During the Middle Ages, onions were prescribed to treat headaches, snakebites, and hair loss.

A 1999 study shows that 2 million people are hospitalized, and as many as 140,000 die each year from side effects or reactions to prescription drugs.

Religious rites develop as rules of conduct prescribing how people are expected to act in the presence of the sacred.

In 1845, Boston had a local law banning bathing unless you had a doctor's prescription.

Queen Victoria's physicians prescribed marijuana to relieve her menstrual cramps.

A doctor once noted that if physical exercise could be packed into a pill, it would be the single most widely prescribed, and beneficial medicine in the world.

There are thousands of different prescription medications used to treat hundreds of different medical conditions.

Discussion question: Do you think that heroin should be available to addicts on prescription?

Find someone who has had a prescription filled in the past three months.

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